Product Description

CM2000/2000A/3000A portable refrigerant recovery machine
Products in CM2000/2000A/3000A series refrigerant recovery machine are special for out maintenance. Stability of these small refrigerant recovery machine are with todays’s world advanced level. Applications are as follows: small household A/C,automotive A/C, refrigerator production factories, on-site maintenance of small and medium HVAC/R equipments(portable refrigerant recovery machine )


Unique Advantages of CM2000 series refrigerant recovery machine

– Long time running sustainably up to 24 hours
– Oil free compressor – Maintenance free
– Capable of handling all kinds of refrigerants
– Automatic high pressure cut-off switch for Safety
– The outer shell adopts one-off rotary technology with high intensity and concussion resistance.
– Overall protection device, safe credibility
– Meet ARI700 Standards
– Automatic Low Pressure Shut-off
– 2 years warranty
– Weighs only 16.8KG

                          Product Specification of CM2000 series refrigerant recovery machine

Model:CM2000 refrigerant recovery machine 

CM2000 refrigerant recovery machine in portable refrigerant recovery machine series are designed and manufactured by CM company,which are for out maintenance,capable to recovery all kinds of refrigerants,even CFC/HCFC/HFC categories of refrigerants including R12,R22,R134,R407C,R410A etc.
They are suitable for any situation for refrigerants recovery needs.CM2000 refrigerant recovery machine incorporates 1/2HP oil-free compressor.(portable refrigerant recovery machine)

Model:CM2000A refrigerant recovery machine 

CM2000A Refrigerant recovery machine in portable refrigerant recovery machine series are designed and manufactured by CM company,which are for out maintenance,capable to recovery all kinds of refrigerants,even CFC/HCFC/HFC categories of refrigerants including R12,R22,R134,R407C,R410A etc.
They are suitable for any situation for refrigerants recovery needs.
CM2000A Refrigerant recovery machine incorporates 1/2HP high efficiency compressor that maximizes speed in both liquid and vapor recovery.(portable refrigerant recovery machine )


Model:CM3000A refrigerant recovery machine 

CM3000A refrigerant recovery machine in portable refrigerant recovery machine series are designed and manufactured by CM company,which are for out maintenance,capable to recovery all kinds of refrigerants,even CFC/HCFC/HFC categories of refrigerants including R12,R22,R134,R407C, R410A etc. They are suitable for any situation for refrigerants recovery needs.
CM3000A refrigerant recovery machine adopts 1HP dual-cylinder high efficiency compressor-20%-50% quicker recovery rate than that of similar international products,especially for R410 high pressure refrigerants.

Application of CM2000series refrigerant recovery machine

refrigerant recovery machine for On-site maintenance for HVACR system
Commercial A/C Central A/C
Small household A/C
Refrigerator Production Factories
Automative industry